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Cutaways of London Underground Stations - part 1

Similar to the designs available here on Axonomy London, over the last few decades there have been a number of cutaway-style designs produced for the public. These cutaway designs really show the scale of the underground systems that London relies on and their relative positions to the world above. Here are some of my favourites, they're pretty amazing.

Bank Station - see our axonometric diagram of Bank here
Bank-Monument station has always been a complicated station to change at and it's clear why. This cutaway design makes the complicated station layout visible, showing the Circle, District, Northern, Waterloo & City lines, and the DLR.

Camden Town Station - see our axonometric diagram of Camden here
Camden Town junction was rebuilt in 1924 in one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the underground. At the end of this project, trains from with of the northbound branches could use the Bank or Charing Cross branches, and trains coming from the Bank or Charing Cross branches could use the Edgware or High Barnet branches. The construction was finished without any disruption to existing services at the time.

Angel Station - see our axonometric diagram of Angel here.
Angel was modified in 1992 and this modification allowed for the expansion of both platforms and a new entrance on Islington High Street. The old layout comprised of an 'island' platform between two tracks similar to the type that the Clapham stations have. This cutaway shows both of the entrances and the new tunnels necessary to get to the existing platforms. Angel has the longest escalator in the Underground network, and the second longest in the UK - after a set at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Angel Underground Station cutaway rebuilt

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